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Weekend Warrior: Splurge this Father’s Day!

Are you tired of the endless budgeting and always taking the frugal option? If so then Splurge Day is definitely for you. Whilst for the rest of the year you may be a model of financial prudence, Splurge Day is an opportunity to let your hair down and spend, spend spend!

And what’s happening at the same time? Father’s Day!

This year go all out on your Father’s Day gift and show some love to your old man with something really special. Dad has always been my biggest supporter, from when I was his little princess to an independent woman.  Today we have style tips from 5 of the most dashing celebrity dads,whether your dad is hip, old fashioned, sporty or stylish we have the answer for what you can splurge on this Father’s Day.

David Beckham

The Classy Dad


David Beckham’s world-class football skills brought him to our attention, but what has kept him in our sights, is his role as a committed father of four.He has also racked up an impressive list of extracurricular achievements:style icon, one half of Britain’s most illustrious power couple alongside his wife Victoria Beckham and global heartthrob. Definitely not a small feat for someone who just turned 41.

Why is he a style icon? He’s one of the few A-list guys that isn’t afraid to experiment with his look – and he rarely uses a stylist to help him. In fact, you’ll often find Beckham grooming trends way ahead of the menswear masses. His daring fashion choices always ends up looking dapper and dashing.

Steal his Style!

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Ryan Reynolds

The Old-Fashioned Dad

Source: The Today Show

Ryan Reynolds is the dedicated father of Ines and James,with his beautiful wife Blake Lively, their pictures often being coined as #relationship and #familygoals. But this isn't the only thing that has captured our attention.

‘Timeless’ is an understatement when describing Ryan Reynolds style.He finds a way to twist the classics just enough to retain their old-school charm while still keeping it interesting.What really stands out is his fifties-inspired off-duty wear, reworked jeans in cool suedes, rich denim and English-cues. Like an English chap on an autumnal stroll, Reynolds always dons the perfect layered look, that is oh so timeless.

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Kanye West

The Stylish Dad

Source:The Source

We can think of two people who Kanye loves more than Kanye, his daughter North and his son Saint. He is truly the king of cool,at the helm of the Yeezy fashion label, love him or loathe him it is undeniable that this man has some serious style.

Whether he’s taking the music industry by storm or causing controversy with his comments, we all know that Kanye West is one of the most stylish men in the world, and, is very accustomed to making a statement. As the man himself claims: ‘I dress to impress myself,’he certainly sets a high standard for anyone wanting to imitate his outfits,often donning high-end brands with expensive price tags.

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Chris Martin

The Casual Dad

Source:Al Bawaba

Jeans and T-shirt is the go-to attire for Coldplay frontman, father to Apple and Moses,Chris Martin. Martin’s go-to outfit consists of a long-sleeved white undershirt, a T-shirt, and black jeans with oversized safety pins or chains running down the sides (a move that’s both punk tuxedo and an homage to ’80s-era more-is-more Versace gear). He usually pairs his trusty outfit with bright sneakers, like a pair of colourful Air Jordans.

Some people might say that it's boring but here’s the thing, this outfit works no matter where you are going,whether you are going to be rocking out on stage in front of thousands of fans or having a family lunch on a Sunday afternoon. Who says convenient can't be stylish?

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Tom Brady

The Sporty Dad

Source:While The Men Watch

Tom Brady, the New England Patriots quarterback and four-time Super Bowl champion is the father to two children with his supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen.

In addition to being one of the NFL's all-time top quarterbacks, Brady has established himself as one of the most fashion-conscious athletes in professional sports.  His wardrobe is stuffed with Italian-made suits, chunky cashmere and much, much more. However it’s obvious what Tom Brady feels most comfortable in. Football jersey’s and caps.

To achieve the same look without looking sloppy, pair your jerseys with shearling jackets and handcrafted shoes, it’s all about the balance.

Steal His Style!

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