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Bag Review: The SAVAS Caroline Basket Bag

Tired of flashy, conspicuous logos? Then, it’s time to give under-the-radar luxury brands a try. Shoppers tend to steer clear of luxury that they are unfamiliar with, but that’s a mistake because they are missing out on an entire world of uncompromising quality at accessible prices—SAVAS is one of those brands.


With function at the core of Nordic design, the aesthetics of the Swedish brand is both simple and elegant; amalgamated with the best of Italian craftsmanship and finest leathers, top-of-the-line European luxury is born. Therefore, trophy designs that turn out obsolete will be the least of your worries. Quite the contrary, SAVAS is holistic, and we are reviewing its signature Caroline basket bag to prove our point.


savas basket bag

The Caroline basket bag is available in various colours on the market, with black, grey and navy blue picks available at Reebonz. These classic colours are perennial though, versatile enough to go with any getup.


You will find the Caroline basket bag available in two forms of material: calfskin leather and velvet. Lush velvet requires a little more tender loving care as the material is harder to clean with its tufted fabric, but modern-day dry cleaning methods will allow you to invest in the comparatively distinctive design with greater confidence.

However, if leather is your thing, calfskin is just as decadent. Thick and tough but soft under the glide of your fingers, calfskin’s ability to withstand abrasions renders it a longer-lasting material than delicate velvet.

savas caroline bag

From an aerial view, you will notice a touch of branding in the form of gilded, debossed designer letterings across the bag’s leather body (debossing is not available in velvet). The labelling adds on a modicum of recognition, but it never endangers the beauty of such luxury’s subtlety.


savas basket bag

The interior of the SAVAS Caroline basket bag is lined with micro suede. For those who don’t know, microsuede is a man-made fabric that comprises million of fine polyester fibres. It has the tactility of natural suede but none of the drawbacks. Soft-to-touch, wear-resistant and stain-proof, we can’t think of another material that will make for a better substitute. Completed with a zipper pocket, your belongings are in safe space.

savas caroline bag


The hardware is nothing short of exquisite with a basket frame and mounted reindeer head that are carved out of 24 karat gold, the purest form of gold in existence. As it has a lesser density than 18 or 22 karat gold, you don’t have to worry about the basket bag weighing you down—it is barely as hefty as it looks.


The zips are designed in an unconventional manner, consisting of quadruple zips that convene in the centre of an X-shape opening. Accessing your belongings might be a bit of a hassle, but the basket bag does its job of securing the odds and ends you might bring on a trip to the supermarket.

savas basket bag


There are two sizes to the SAVAS Caroline basket bag, the dimensions are as follows:

If you prefer keeping your hands free, opt for the Savas Caroline mini basket bag that comes supplied with a detachable strap.

alhnfh-0491 alhnfh-0477 alhnfh-0486 savas caroline bag

Overall, we rate the SAVAS Caroline basket bag 4 out of 5 stars. What do you think? Leave us a comment below or start shopping now!

savas caroline bag



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