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Over The Years: The Best of Gucci


Source: Glowsly

Gucci is one of the most renowned Italian fashion houses in the world. Thanks to its new creative director Alessandro Michele, it has become one of the most popular and appreciated worldwide, too. Gucci’s sales are jaw-droppingly increasing month after month. However we can fairly state that purchasing a Gucci item,whether it be a bag or apparel, it is definitely worth the investment.

Read on to witness the best bags of Gucci over the years!


Gucci Bamboo Bag

Source: Glowsly

Exotic, one-of-a-kind and easy to handle. Gucci’s Bamboo bag was a success that is definitely worth your investment. Inspired by the shape of the saddle, this legendary Gucci bag is already quite unconventional per se. The most interesting thing about the Gucci saddle bag, is it’s material. The bag was designed during World War 2. Resulting in wartime rations making it difficult to find materials to craft day-to-day necessities let alone high-end items.

However Guccio Gucci’s craftsmen came up with the revolutionary idea of a bag design that could be manufactured not with leather but rather heated bamboo.Additionally it was a material that could be easily imported from Japan and the rest as they say is history.


Gucci Jackie Bag

Source: Glowsly

Here we introduce to you a Gucci Classic Selection. Utterly elegant in it’s structure yet roomy enough to carry everything you might need in the day.This Gucci bag was named after fashion icon Jackie Kennedy, who was spotted wearing an unnamed Gucci bag in 1961 that consequently became an inevitable it-bag that everyone wanted to own.


Gucci Queen Margaret

Source: Glowsly

Available in different models, the Gucci Queen Margaret line is probably one of the ultimate must-have Gucci bags among fashionistas. Trapped between the old and the new, Gucci’s Queen Margaret bag mix iconic Gucci details with the fashion house’s newest signature style, romanticism. Something special to take note of is the ID holder attached with the word “Loved” embossed in Gold, romance is definitely in the air with this bag.


Gucci Dionysus

Source: Glowsly

Although being one of Gucci’s latest bag additions, the Dionysus is already a must-have. Inspired by Dionysus, son of Zeus, Gucci’s Dionysus bag carries a certain air of elegance. Embellished with gorgeous hand-embroidered flowers and bees it has a structure that is mythical.  If you like bags that are modern with a vintage twist and if you like “anachronistic” fashion items. This might be your best investment, indeed!


Gucci GG Marmont

Source: Glowsly

Available in a plethora of models, from backpacks to belt bags. The Gucci GG Marmont is this year’s it-bag and celebrities and it-girls have already given their stamp of approval.  Sienna Miller has been spotted wearing a GG Marmont basically everywhere recently.With Gucci’s iconic symbol – the GG design buckle, that comes mixed with Alessandro Michele’s new designs, adornments, and structures. This bag is most definitely a smart thing to invest your money in.

As we have clearly shown here, fashion-wise. Since the fashion house shares a long history of must-have it bags and accessories in general the best Gucci investment is, however, probably one of the many iconic Gucci bags, purses, backpacks and clutches. So what are you waiting for? Shop Gucci now and leave a comment telling us what’s your favourite Gucci bag!


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