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Get Your Instagram Likes With These Shoes

Have you ever deleted a post off your Instagram feed just because it did not get as many likes as you had hoped it would?

There’s definitely no shame in that; in fact, we think the effort that some individuals take to ensure a certain level of quality is maintained on their social media feed is pretty commendable.

Even then, it’s hard to stay on top of the game all the time. For those with a fashion-centric aesthetic, keep this one in the idea bank for the rainy day: the five most Instagrammable designer shoes that will earn you all the double-taps you need are as follows.

Fendi’s Leather Ballerina Flats

designer shoes

Unlike your typical pair of ballet flats, this one comes with all the frills that will add dimension and a burst of colour to your shot when taken against the backdrop of cobblestone pavements.

Sophia Webster’s Evangeline Sandals

designer shoes

Such intricate details on such an elegant pair sure make Sophia Webster’s Evangeline Sandals an Instagram-worthy one. Apart from that, these lofty heels will also render you with legs for days so you can look gorgeous from just about any angle, both on camera and in person.

Burberry’s Gennie Metallic Lace-Up

Gold always—and we mean always—looks expensive, so grace your Instagram feed with this lavish pair of oxfords from Burberry. The best part about it? You don’t have to compromise comfort in these soles.

Love Moschino’s Decollete Heels

designer shoes

A pair of basic black pumps won’t have much effect on the Instagram fashion community, but, when reinvented with some silky and colourful ribbon to lace around the ankle, the sheer ebullience of the shoes is bound to get fingers tapping.

Gucci’s Zebra Mid-Heel Pump

designer shoes

It’s arguable that anything with the Gucci emblem is bound to sit well with your followers. But, just to be safe, why not opt for these mid-heel pumps in zebra print that’s reminiscent of the eighties? After all, everyone loves a good revival while nostalgia hits close to home for many.

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