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The Best Fashion Campaigns of 2017

What constitutes a captivating fashion campaign?

Rather than being sold a product, consumers these days want to be told a story. Therefore, it’s the message that the campaign sends in the current context that matters more than anything else. This, packaged by relevant visuals and beautiful aesthetics are sure to deliver a resounding impact.

Today, we take a look at some of the best fashion campaigns of 2017 that have achieved just that.

Dior Fall/Winter 2017 Campaign

“Among all colors, navy blue is the only one which can ever compete with black, it has all the same qualities.”

Monsieur Christian Dior

fashion campaigns Photo: Dior

Dior’s Fall/Winter 2017 campaign is shot by French photographer Brigitte Lacombe and depicts artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s exploration with the many associations of blue—from the hue of the Virgin Mary and the sky to its association with workwear and practical clothing.

Set against an unostentatious backdrop, the blue stands out starkly as a confident yet calming colour, serving to empower women from all walks of life by way of its diverse crew. In all of its grand simplicity, a positively strong message comes through.

Prada Spring/Summer 2017 Campaign

fashion campaigns Photo: Highsnobiety

For the sake of clarity and cohesiveness, one fashion campaign is usually tied to a single theme to tell a singular story. Prada breaks the mould with its 365 campaign, re-imagining your typical fashion campaign to free itself from any creative boundaries.

A total of five separate visual identities are communicated in five Prada realities: Pathways, Frontiers, Stations, Exits and Terrain. Although they ultimately tie back to the same narrative, each scene is visually distinct, echoing the ever-shifting needs and desires of everyone’s lives in an increasingly globalised world.

Hermès Spring/Summer 2017

Photo: Design Scene

OBJETS POUR LA VIE. Objects for life.

The most fundamental takeaway is that all Hermès’ creations are evergreen, timeless and will last you forever. But, it is also a celebration of life—as evidenced by the light-hearted shots of model Sofia Tesmenitskaya springing through the air, which were captured by fashion photographer Jackie Nickerson.

It’s refreshing to see such a luxurious brand have a little fun, serving as a reminder for us to always do the same.

(Cover Image Source: Modern Hype)

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