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Reviewing The Balenciaga Metallic Edge City

Even those of them who are less enthusiastic about fashion would know of the Balenciaga City. Brought to life in 2003 by then creative director Nicolas Ghesquière, the bag is a perennial cult favourite that’s unmissable on the crook of any A-lister’s arm.


Having reigned the realms of the luxury kingdom for more than a decade or so, it is inevitable that the Balenciaga City undergoes more than a few updates or upgrades to keep things fresh. The Balenciaga Metallic Edge City is one of them, and today our review will help you decide whether this is the next one to check off your wish list.


balenciaga metallic edge city

The Balenciaga Metallic Edge range comprises an unmistakable variety, from pouches to bracelets to the City bags. Boiling down to the latter, the colours that are available this season are regrettably limited. There’s the Marron Ebene (brown), the Rouge Pourpre (purple) and a sudden pop of Bleu Bleuet (blue); but these are extremely versatile hues that will make for great wardrobe companions as they’ll complement just about any outfit.


balenciaga metallic edge city

In shiny grain goatskin leather, the Balenciaga Metallic Edge City boasts a luxurious veneer that is hardly vulnerable to scratches and scuffs. But that does not mean it won’t require some tender loving care, click here to discover some handy tips on how to care for a leather bag.





As the Balenciaga Metallic Edge City is of a slouchy form, the bag is able to accommodate more than it looks. The interior is lined with cotton material that may not feel as decadent as designer bags lined with suede interior, but cotton is easier to clean and manage, all while being highly durable.

The cotton lining is also lightweight so that would explain why the Balenciaga City is such a breeze to carry despite all its studded embellishments!


balenciaga metallic edge city

The Balenciaga Metallic Edge City features classic studs that have been consistently produced in aged brass hardware since the launch of the brand’s motorcycle-inspired series. But the studs that embellish the Balenciaga’s Metallic Edge City collection boast more lustre as they have been substituted by shiny palladium and gold-plated renditions—a more recent endeavour of the house of Balenciaga.

(Discover the different types of studs on a Balenciaga here.)

The bag comes with a leather strap, although it is unadjustable and could do with a few inches more for better wear. But the artisanally whipstitched handles make up for it; they will provide you with a sturdy yet comfortable grip on your Balenciaga Metallic Edge City.

balenciaga metallic edge city


balenciaga metallic edge city

There’s a size for every need! From the small to the classic to the giant, refer to the following images for an ultimate guide to the variation in sizes of the Balenciaga Metallic Edge City:

Overall, we rate the Balenciaga Metallic Edge City 4.2 stars out of 5. What are your thoughts? Comment below or shop the in-demand carrier now!



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