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The bag trends of Fall Winter 2016

Trends come and go. Sometimes, they are out of this world and impossible to pull off on the streets; other times, for reasons that we’d like to attribute to the philosophy of yin and yang, viable and vogue trends pop up on the runways too, rendering us with no reason to restrain.

So give yourself a fashion education on the forthcoming bag trends of Fall Winter 2016, a season waiting to swing around the corner in full bloom. We have sussed out the crème de la crème below, especially for you.

Seventies Saddle


Certainly not limited to its epoch, this trend popped up on more than one runway. The saddle bag works beautifully with suede, denim and even corduroy looks to achieve a disposition of equestrian chic.



One of the most beautiful saddle bags in the fashion scene hail from the house of Chloé, and it has a few renditions under its belt. Contemporary ones include the Chloé Drew and Hudson, differentiated by distinctive features that are nonetheless stylish.



Strap Situation


Let your bag take a back seat with the introduction of bold and gorgeous straps to accompany them. Whether embellished, festooned or crowded with colours, an arresting strap will complete any ensemble with effortless panache.



Fendi is one of the first few fashion houses to introduce the decorated shoulder strap but other powerhouses—namely Kenzo and Gucci—were quick to hop on the bandwagon to perpetuate the trend further.



Boast Box


A large boxy bag conveys an all-important aura but its smaller counterparts may speak otherwise. It depends on what you are looking for, but don’t fret – there’s a boxy bag for every occasion to decorate you with an instant sense of clout.



Looking for a statement maker? Dolce & Gabbana did it best with their whimsical boxy bags, festooned with heavy embellishments that bestow them titular stunners in their own rights.



Chain Strutters


Chain bags find a way to give your sartorial put-together an edge. For a classier option, thin gilded chains qualify as the perfect candidate for an evening arm candy. Thicker chains tend to lend more character to your style, perfect for the woman who like to amp up the grunge.



To name a few, Gucci, Balenciaga and Miu Miu have collectively done justice to this trend with their own interpretation. With the plethora of renditions available—from chained straps to chained cages—one would be spoilt for choice.



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  1. Bruce Joo · September 22, 2016 Reply

    I am falling in love the Gucci bag, stylish, cute and amazing pattern design.

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