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The Carriers For Your Career

Be Bold For Change.

Staying true to the theme of International Women’s Day this year, we want you to upgrade. So, keep scrolling to discover 8 carriers for the independent woman, each tailored to the industry of her career.

Banking & Finance

If you’re one crunching numbers on a daily basis and delivering important presentations, you might want to consider something sleek and structured. Not only will it be a judicious reflection of your confident and unwavering professional attitude, it will hold up electronic devices (that we are sure you come into contact with plenty) such as Google Chromebooks and iPads well.

Our Recommendation:

Louis Vuitton’s Alma Handbag

Public Relations/Event Planning

Glamorous and fun? Probably. However, women working in the public relations and event planning sector also have to get their hands dirty. Between shifting and shuttling, you will need a mid-sized bag—to fit samples, swatches or documents—that can be carried over the shoulders to keep your hands free.

Our Recommendation:

Furla’s Stacy Medium Bucket Bag

Sales & Marketing

Rain or shine, day or night, you’re perpetually prepared for the possibility of an impromptu presentation. A bag that’s capacious would work to your benefit as you will probably be carrying around a laptop or important documents. Yet, it should also channel high appeal and ooze with understated creativity—the exact impression that you’d want to leave a client with.

Our Recommendation:

CĂ©line’s Trapeze Bag

Information Technology

With a more technical undertaking in your career, you spend hours working with technology and troubleshooting digital disorders. So, to flaunt your niche and specialised skill, a bag that’s unconventional yet practical is your call. It will demonstrate your professionalism in a laid-back manner with an underlying layer of chic.

Our Recommendation:

Gucci’s Supreme Top Handle Bag


In this industry, your style is an extension of your personality. Sure, sticking with the classic It bag is a safe option and it demonstrates that you are privy towards the latest trends, but to truly up the ante and impress the boss lady, shop under-the-radar designer labels that are nonetheless opulent.

Our Recommendation:

Opening Ceremony’s Lele Handbag

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

You have set foot into one of the most vital industry in the world—smart and meticulous, research and development are your passion. With such dignified intentions and noble contributions to society, ladies in this industry will need a handbag that is equally magnanimous to reflect that.

Our Recommendation:

Dior’s Lady Dior

Hospitality & Tourism

Ah, the industry of unorthodox sleep patterns. You are on standby from sunrise to sunset, and more often than not, you serve shifts that stretch into the after hours. For the hospitality and tourism warriors, a grab-and-go bag that’s both lightweight and roomy will do you justice.

Our Recommendation:

Stella McCartney’s Falabella

Arts & Media Communications

Creativity is the height of this industry and all eyes are peeled on the circle. Whether it’s writing or designing, the most telling carrier for someone of your creative calibre is an avant-garde designer piece that reflects your penchant to think out of the box and your tendency to conceptualise out-of-the-norm ideas.

Our Recommendation:

Loewe’s Puzzle Bag

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