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5 last minute V-Day date ideas that your wallet will approve

When it comes to expressing love this Valentine’s Day, planning a romantic date can be rather ambitious and inarguably expensive. And as much as you would want to impress your other half—who might be expecting quite an affair—your wallet might be telling you otherwise.

If you’re still in a rut figuring out what to treat your loved one this Valentine’s Day (which, in case you have forgotten, is tomorrow), we’ve listed five last-minute ideas that are not only affordable, but also guaranteed not to disappoint!

City Tour

Take a tour around your city with one of the best modes of transport: a bicycle! The way to go is to plan a route that includes fun pit stops such as an ice cream parlour so you can indulge in an intimate conversation over dessert, or the museum where you can share your common interests for tastes for the abstract and many more!

A Cook Off

Nothing is more romantic than teaming up in the kitchen and trying out new recipes together. Decide on a menu and go grocery shopping with your partner before heading back to the kitchen. Don’t worry if the dishes turn out unsuccessful. After all, bonding over food is the best way to soothe those butterflies in your stomach!

Picnic Under The Stars

Forget clichéd candlelight dinners, lay a checkered mat out in a park and host a candlelight picnic under the stars instead. Pack along gourmet sandwiches and sparkling drinks, and tune in to your favourite music that will set the right mood.

Back To Nature

If you both crave for an adventure, then a hike into the woods will make for a perfect Valentine’s Day date. Whether it’s trekking up a hill or chasing beautiful waterfalls at your local forest reserve, the lush views and serene sounds of nature make idyllic surroundings of what you would call a romantic date.

Couple Photoshoot

Though it may sound cheesy, organising your very own couple photoshoot is bound to make your Valentine’s Day extra memorable! Hiring a professional photographer can be very expensive. Instead, pick up your camera and a tripod, and head to a favourite location to shoot your photos together. Trust us, you’ll have more reasons to dress up and even more pictures to share on social media.

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