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Gifts Ideas For Your Best Friend

Gift Guide 2016

Opposites attract—so while your best friend may pursue interests that are at the other end of the spectrum, for some serendipitous reason, the disparity does not stop her from being that one person you can turn to at three in the morning for a heart-to-heart conversation.

But that would mean picking out her gift can also be a real head-scratcher.

Fret not as this festive season, we’ve got you covered. No matter what she does in her free time, there’s something for her in this gift guide 2016—all you simply have to do is choose between saving or splurging!

The Music Lover

She is in the know of all the latest music festivals and coolest gigs, and rarely absent from one. For good measure, her most dramatic episodes occur when she forgets to pack her headphones.

The Frequent Traveller

Setting up a dinner date with this lady friend is tricky business because she’s out of town so often, but thanks to FaceTime and its ilk, your friendship will hold the distance.

The Style Maven

Her fashion advices are solid and you find yourself borrowing from her wardrobe maybe a tad too often—but her unparalleled sartorial direction keeps both of your heads high.

The Book Worm

With a knack for reading between (and beyond) the lines, this best friend holds great conversations that are never short of engaging or stimulating.

The Beauty Guru

Her porcelain skin and en pointe winged eyeliner colours you green with envy, but her generous beauty tips stave off the burning of your money on a glut of unsuited, half-finished cosmetics.

The Inbetweeners

If she’s a little bit of everything that we’ve mentioned above—or none at all—these fail proof gifts are every bit as thoughtful and a testament to the boat that never sinks.

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