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Easy Halloween Costumes To Make

If you’ve waited till the Eleventh hour to sort out your Halloween costume this year, don’t be spooked by the lack of time. These easy DIY ideas will fix you up in under 10 minutes. Get crafty and you’ll have the perfect costume to impress this season.

Rosie The Riveter
Flaunt your girl power this Halloween when you dress up as Rosie the Riveter. A classic slice of Americana that represents dedicated women who worked with heavy machinery and industries during World War II, Rosie’s strong persona is rather easy to accomplish. All you need are your wardrobe staples: a denim shirt and dark jeans paired with heavy duty boots and a red scarf to wrap around your head. Tip: Don’t forget to flex your muscles when you pose for the camera too!

Popcorn Costume
Speaking of impressive costumes that belie the little effort that went into making them, you can emulate your favourite movie treat with a the application of some basic arts and crafts skills. Take a leaf out of Studio DIY’s books and make a popcorn costume with just a white Tshirt and a fitted skirt. Scrunch up white paper and spray paint them yellow, then glue them onto a white tee. To recreate the look of the iconic striped popcorn box, simply paint red stripes on a white skirt with fabric paint. Or, better yet, find one that already has the requisite red and white stripes!

Skeletons in your closet
Now, this isn’t a quite a craft project, but this is a perfect solution for a quick fix at the eleventh hour. Various retailers stock fullbody skeleton suits that will take you from zero to hero in the two minutes it takes you to pull on the suit. And once Halloween’s over, you don’t have to toss this costume out. Spray it with black fabric paint to cover the white accents, and it’s ready to be repurposed as a sleek black jumpsuit or two piece.

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Wednesday Addams
Our favourite Addams family member is a perennial winner every Halloween. Channeling her look costs almost nothing, and her look is instantly recognisable on the first glance. Style your hair in two braids, or find a wig that’ll do the trick if you usually keep your hair short. Pick a black skater dress with a contrasting white peter pan collar, cinch it at the waist with a thick belt, and layer black stockings underneath. Cap it off with black Mary Janes, and your best lifeless look.

Comic Character
If you’re a fan of cartoon strips, then here’s an idea that won’t require sophisticated makeup skills. The trick to achieving a cartoon look is by using bold colours and tracing parts of your face — especially your hairline, jawline and cheekbones — with black eyeliner. You can also add white or red polka dots on your face to achieve realistic 2D appeal.

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Looking for a cheap thrill? Impersonate the powerful songstress Sia! Find yourself a blonde wig from your local party shops or online stores, and trim the wig to create a short bob. To achieve Sia’s two-toned hair, part the wig to two sides and use a black spray paint to dye one half of it. Deck yourself out in a black or white ensemble, and accessorise with a large bow headband that can easily be another DIY project.

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